What is Thermography?

We offer thermography – a service rising in popularity as an alternative to X-rays – at Strategic Health Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens. This is modern technology that uses digital infrared thermal imaging. This service will hopefully become a common replacement for mammography, which is an outdated radiology procedure used to test for breast cancer. X-rays were invented in 1895 and Thermography is 21st Century technology. 

How Does Thermography Work?

Thermography is a non-invasive test that removes the use of radiology to test for various types of cancer. It’s a 15-minute procedure that can test for breast pathology, cancer, fibrocystic disease, vascular disease, and certain infections. 

The thermography device at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic never comes in contact with your body, and since the results will be read by a licensed Radiologist, you will be directed to the proper doctors if needed. 

Why Thermography?

Breast screenings are an important part of women’s health, but the only solution has been mammography since the 1960s. Younger women have dense breast tissue which makes mammography less effective. There also may be health concerns that make it so women cannot undergo radiation to be tested. Thermography gives women a safer option to be tested and can provide a good baseline to track women’s breast health.

It can take years for tumors to grow, so having early scans can help doctors track progress to catch things before it’s too late for treatment. This service at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic can increase early detection to find abnormalities and keep women safe. 

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Help Strategic Health Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens spread Thermography awareness! As this digital infrared thermal imaging technology becomes a more common procedure, insurance companies will be encouraged to pay for these services instead of backing an outdated procedure involving radiation. Contact our office today to schedule your testing today!is

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