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Firstly, here at Strategic Health Solutions of Palm Beach Gardens, our desire is to treat each individual at the source of the problem. Rather than just treating symptoms. Indeed, most Western Medicine just treats symptoms and may never actually address the real problem. Consequently, our medical system today is built on pharmaceuticals and surgery or as some put it, “sickness and disease.” However, chiropractic treatments at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic are built on Health and Wellness. Therefore, our Motto is to “Fix the Problem, Don’t Treat the Symptoms.”

From the pictures in our gallery you can see the chiropractic treatments at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic address many aspects of patients’ needs. For example, from adjustments to diagnosis with digital X-rays. Additionally, treatments of Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Cold Laser, and Decompression for cervicals and lumbars. Finally, massage therapy, physical therapy, and even traction. Also, we even have thermography available which can help with the diagnosis of certain things like bone or breast cancer so we can get you over to an Oncologist if need be.

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Thermography is a 21st Century technology whereas X-rays are from 1895! Yes, can you believe it? Literally a 19th Century technology. The mammogram is outdated and Thermography will soon become the Gold Standard. There is plenty of literature out there that states mammograms can cause just as much cancer as it finds, whereas Thermography has ZERO radiation and is read by a licensed Radiologist for results.

Being a ‘corrective care’ Chiropractor is kind of like being an Orthodontist instead of a Dentist. We have certain stretches and exercises, in addition to the chiropractic treatments at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic, to give to patients to help change the structure of the spine. We can treat scoliosis but do not try to correct it. Many people with scoliosis can enjoy relief but there are only a few Doctor’s offices in the entire country that correct it.

Whatever your ailment, chances are the chiropractic treatments at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic can help! Give us a Call Today: 561.425.5489