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Frequently Asked Questions

Many times insurance will ONLY cover your adjustments. Sometimes, they will cover other services but make you wait for approval. For example, Medicare requires you to pay for exams, X-rays, or other therapies. Only adjustments are covered. Additionally, many insurance companies may give you 24-35 visits for the year for Chiropractic. But, that doesn’t mean you will get them all in a row on one complaint. Typically, they will cut you off at visit 6-12 depending on your policy. Just like dental insurance will pay for your root canal or cavity but they won’t pay for your braces.

No. In fact, we work with a variety of local attorney’s offices best suited for your claim and will work with them for your insurance coverage. Additionally, each individual in the State of Florida gets at least 10k in personal injury coverage for medical bills if it involves a motor vehicle. Therefore, workers comp cases will be paid if you request us as your doctor. Also, slip and falls or contingency cases can be accepted on an LOP basis. To clarify, this is a Letter of Protection that will be worked out with your attorney’s office. In summary, this means that when the claim settles your medical bills will be negotiated for payment.

Firstly, we will do an exam including orthopedic tests and/or neurology tests to identify the problem. Oftentimes, we will end up taking X-rays and then go over everything with you on a report of findings before we do any manipulations of your spine/spinal nerves. Secondly, we can discuss care plans and what is or is not covered through insurance. Also, what your patient’s responsibility would be. Therefore, care plans are available with payment plan options. Finally, the last thing we want to do is fix one problem and cause another. Additionally, we also have Care Credit available.

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