Chiropractic Adjustments

These chiropractic and spinal adjustments are accomplished by hand and/or tool using various techniques. For example, Palmer, Pettibon, or Thompson, and sometimes used with a drop table device. We ONLY adjust segments that are out of place during your chiropractic care at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic. We do not just ‘rack and crack’ patients on the table. Also, anyone fearful of hand adjustments or neck adjustments simply needs to state that to our staff and we will accommodate the individual. Additionally, special attention is paid to patients with osteoporosis/osteopenia and/or hardware installed on their spines.

I always tell my chiropractic care patients at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic that if you have a bridge in your mouth the dentist is not going to ignore cleaning the rest of your teeth. Consequently, the same should be true with your spine. If you have a fusion in your neck or your lower back, we shouldn’t just ignore the health of all the rest of your bones in your spine, even if you have rods for scoliosis. Though we won’t adjust where you have the rods or hardware, obviously, we can adjust any other area that may need some attention that doesn’t have any hardware installed. If we need to, we will only use tools for your chiropractic care at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic.

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We have to address problems in other areas or they too will begin to decay. Your spine doesn’t get cavities. However, it does get degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, stenosis, facet syndrome, arthrosis, and a bunch of other fancy names for arthritis. The chances of this occurring are high if we don’t take care of it! Check out our Gallery page for pictures of the office.

Whatever your ailment, chances are the chiropractic care at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic can help! We even offer free consultations!

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