Cervical & Lumbar Decompression

Cervical decompression

Cervical spinal decompression therapy by our Palm Beach Gardens doctors is specifically designed as axial traction to decompress neck problems. Imagine pulling open a slinky to create more area in between the joints to reduce nerve involvement or disc problems in the neck while hydrating the discs. 

Lumbar decompression

This table at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic is designed for spinal nerve and lower lumbar decompression therapy.  The patient is strapped in and attached to a computerized pulley system. The computer is programmed to distract the bones and joints and increase disc hydration to help with facet and nerve problems as well as hydrating discs.
Recognizing the tremendous duress our spines are subjected to daily, combined with inadequate nutrition and obesity factors, sedentary jobs or lifestyles coupled with high stress levels, and it’s no wonder that back pain is the second highest complaint to doctors in the United States. Our spines simply aren’t designed to withstand such abuse. Did you know more pressure is exerted into the spine while sitting than standing? It’s true and many times there is often little to no opportunity for the spinal structures to “self resolve” or heal naturally. 
Just like a cavity in a tooth, once some degeneration sets in on a vertebral body we need to get in there and correct the problem so it doesn’t continue to get worse. Treatment protocols have been developed to reverse this trend by utilizing a physio-therapeutic approach to restore normal spinal function. Technological capabilities have advanced and we are achieving greater outcomes using a computerized PT program specifically designed to distract and mobilize an affected segment. The spinal decompression therapy at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic can help trigger a local enkephalin response and increase mobilization and oxygenation into the area. 
We have had great success at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic with cervical and lumbar spinal decompression. People have come in on walkers and canes and after 1 month of treatment go back to playing with their kids again or doing the hobbies they love. You too can have this type of results if you are a candidate. There is no fee for a consultation. 
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