Cervical & Lumbar Decompression

Strategic Health Solutions: Cervical decompression

Cervical spinal decompression therapy by our Palm Beach Gardens doctors is specifically designed as axial traction to decompress neck problems. For example, imagine pulling open a slinky to create more area in between the joints. This reduces nerve involvement or disc problems in the neck while hydrating the discs. 

Strategic Health Solutions: Lumbar decompression

This table at our Palm Beach Gardens clinic is designed for spinal nerve and lower lumbar decompression therapy. First, the patient is strapped in and attached to a computerized pulley system. Then, the computer is programmed to distract the bones and joints. Additionally, increase disc hydration to help with facet and nerve problems as well as hydrating discs.
Our spines endure daily stress from poor nutrition, obesity, sedentary jobs, and high stress levels. Consequently, back pain ranks second in US doctor complaints. Surprisingly, sitting exerts more spinal pressure than standing, leaving limited chances for natural healing.
Similar to a tooth cavity, we address vertebral degeneration promptly to prevent worsening. Due to this, treatment protocols restore spinal function with advanced physiotherapy techniques. Additionally, our computerized PT program effectively distracts and mobilizes affected segments. Also, spinal decompression therapy in Palm Beach Gardens boosts local enkephalin response, enhancing mobilization and oxygenation.

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At our Palm Beach Gardens clinic, we’ve achieved remarkable success using cervical and lumbar spinal decompression. For example, individuals who once relied on walkers and canes have transformed within just one month of treatment. They’re back to actively engaging with their children and pursuing their passions. You can achieve these incredible results too if you qualify. Best of all, our consultation is entirely free.
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